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Come to Cooperstown Flooring and Bedding for the best mattress store in Cooperstown, NY. We have a huge selection of mattresses & box springs. Shop our huge inventory and find the mattress that fits your style, budget and need!

We have a huge selection of mattresses & box springs.

We have a huge selection of mattresses & box springs. Our store has been in business for over 50 years, and we have a large selection to choose from. Whether you are looking for mattress pads, pillow tops or something else entirely, we can help you find the perfect one!

We carry mattresses for all sizes and types of sleepers, so whether you’re sleeping alone or with someone else (or even multiple people), we have something that will work just right for your needs. We offer many different kinds of discounts on our products as well—there are no limitations when it comes to who can get them!

You deserve quality rest at night—and now is the time to get it! Come visit us today if you’re interested in learning more about what Cooperstown Flooring and Bedding has to offer

Shop our huge inventory of premium mattresses!

We have a large inventory of mattresses available in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Whether you’re looking for a full-size mattress or one that fits your child’s crib, we can help you find the right fit!

If you’re a little overwhelmed by the variety of options available to you at our store, let us help guide you through some considerations that may be important to you when making this big decision. First, consider how long you plan on staying in your current home. If it is shorter than 5 years then buying an adjustable bed frame may not be worth the investment since they can cost up to $2,000 or more depending on which model and size configuration works best for your space needs. However, if this isn’t something that concerns then moving forward with such a purchase would certainly make sense as it will save money over time due to its longevity compared with traditional frames which only last around 10 years before needing replacement parts due wear & tear caused by daily use during sleeping hours (which adds up over time).

Another thing worth considering is whether there are any health conditions affecting someone who lives within close proximity while using the said product regularly – if so then investing in high-quality materials made out of metal/aluminum instead plastic/fiberglass could potentially save money down

Find the mattress that fits your style, budget, and need.

We have a huge selection of mattresses & box springs, including the latest and most popular styles. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect mattress for your needs. That’s why we’re here to help you!

At our store in Cooperstown, NY we have mattresses for every style and budget. We also carry a wide variety of beds including adjustable bases and king-sized frames made from natural wood as well as metal. If you’re looking for comfort at an affordable price then visit us today because we have exactly what you need!


We are here to help you with your mattress needs. We have a huge selection of mattresses and box springs. Whether you want something firm or soft, we can help find the perfect fit for your body type and lifestyle! Call us today at (607) 547-6038 or stop by our Cooperstown store at 4316 County Highway 11, Cooperstown, NY 13326 for more information about our products.

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